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Adult Contemporary Music Art

For slow motions, films, theatrical dance stage & intellectual listening...

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Album "Soundcheck"

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So much going on in that record. In terms of fusing free-jazz with progressive rock for me there’s almost no parallel and yet it seems to an album that is made for jazz fans and progressive rock fans alike.

Of course, when you’re talking about an improvised rock , there’s a lot of room for interpretation as to what’s happening-tempo-wise, time-wise, and all that kind of thing. So  It all seemed to me just to grow naturally out of what I had already done, and it was very, very fun! 





Album "Astral"

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In continuation of the previous CD release Palm Tree presents album Astral.

This jazzy world fusion album sounds injected with Shaman, Indian, Arabian, Eastern meditative tunes & Western classical traditions, without really belonging to any area and yet able to accommodate all in one floating movement.

Inspiring unity of spiritual and dance energies. A playful teasing dialog between progressive el-bass and experimental viola and percussions… All-world music approach.


”From the very first tune the music manages to keep the listeners in such uplifting, spiritual, fantasy full way, that it feels as one is magically flown to a any place in the world. This music touches ones’ soul and heart”.

(Stefans Church about Palm Tree’s music)


License Alex Choub music for commercial use through Pump Audio...............................


palm tree






integrates traditional orchestral instruments including violin and viola with a jazz / rock rhythm section and ethnic percussion. The music has been described as: elegant, sensual, cinematic, visual, multilayered and complex – but very accessible. Great CD to relax by, visit your emotions with, or spend time with someone you love, -- blending Eastern and other world music styles with jazz/chillout rhythms. It incorporates formal structures but has lots of room for improvising and solos.

Clearly, these are virtuoso players who could play traditional jazz but choose to play more outside and emphasize the whole over the singular parts. It is an audiophile quality recording, captured with a combination of ultra-high quality digital and analog techniques. Here's an offering that was done just for the music.
Grygory Khodos on viola and el-violin ,Shohreh on Duff  and various percussion (including a Roland HDP15) Alex Choub on 6 string Handy Pepper, Roland V bass, and a rare Youkomolsky designed bass. All recorded at Indigo studios. The music is haunting, evocative of the place, and quite unique. When you listen on headphones it is exactly like being there. Package is self-designed no-plastic, as with Bassworks.

rush inside



Bassworks's last international release on russian NuNote, groundbreaking music, with great musicians in the backup band and guest appearances from Debbie Cameron, Peter Mossman and Calvin Clarke. This CD has songs as well as instrumentals, and the lyrics are not just thrown on, they're deep, sometimes humorous, and always surprising. Alex Choub, a virtuoso performer on the 6 string Bass, provides a number of different grooves here. Accompanied by an able group of musicians, he does Progressive rock ("Bass Guitar Frequency Range"), world ("Trof Im DJembe"), hip hop ("Wicked") and Lounge ("Night Dream"). He also brings in a couple of heavy guest performers. Saxophonist Anders Honore brings some real excitement and a acid feel to "Nostalgy", offering a fast-paced, well-constructed take on the modal changes and trading licks with Alex Choub  later in the piece. Trumpetist Paul Weis also takes a nice turn, offering echoes of Maynard Ferguson's style. Russian bass master Victor Shapovalov joins Alex in a bass duo on "Orient", and the depth of texture that is created by these two musicians is incredible. Throughout the CD, Alex plays bass lines, guitar-like melodic lines and chordal accompaniment simultaneously. especially in the bass solo ,without the use of overdubs. Both hands play melody, bass and chords independently and together to create a full, rich sound. The musical result is a soothing sonic blend of strings that sound almost like 2 or 3 talented musicians- all at once! A solid effort that will be appreciated by jazz, fusion,lounge and progressive rock fans alike. 



Seeds for BGFR took root at Music Moscow 2003
Clinics for Handy Pepper and promo Video
Crazy Bike Ride and Orient by double bass band
The album represents something fresh for the chillout and lounge realm with its blend of melodic, progressive and neo-classical elements mixed with funk, traditional Eastern music and strong influence taken from progressive rock and jazz to create the unique Bassworks sound. Adding more fire to song writing and bass work is the Sax of Anders Honore,voice of VFsix vocalist Fannie and great work from producers -Peter Mossman (Pink Floyd Tributes-The Wall 2000, Dark Side of the Moon 2001and Out of Phase) and Peter Kyed, whose precise and powerful play add even more energy to the 12 tracks on offer. This album marks a fairly large step forward in terms of creative growth in production, arrangements, and just overall 'sophistication''s quite a bit more 'complex' than the previous album.  



"" is a solo bass album. Comprising of ten tracks, eight of which arranged as instruments and two of them with vocals. This work features on one side,extreme variety of the tunes, on the other side the union of experimental research with the comeback of melody. Progressive, funky, rock, fusion, ambient suggestions blend in an original poetical mix that frees from any defined genre and turns out to be immediately catchy release to every kind of listener. Beats, bass & efx.  



This 2000 production represents material culled from bassist Alex Choub's bank of previously unreleased outtakes or, as he states, "surfacings." Here, Choub enlists the services of prominent modern jazz trumpeter/composer Paul Wies along with drummer Fleming Olsen (a fellow Secret Cinema bandmate) and drummer/percussionist/ singer Celvin Clarke. In addition, a female vocalist – an opera singer Naja Monrad Hansen, sings on two tracks; yet, other than the leader, all the instrumentalists appear on selected pieces. With this effort, Alex utilizes his electronic "tapping" instruments to lay down complex ostinato-type motifs while multi-tracking bass parts and churning out electrified solos. Hence, Alex paints polytonal fabrics of sound via his cunning discourses and obliquely stated passages. Overall, the artist provides a mix, consisting of ambient dreamscapes atop hard-driving backbeats and East Indian modalities. Meanwhile, musicians execute harmonious unison choruses amid straight-four rock measures and worldbeat-style grooves. Thus, Surfacings is a noteworthy outing from a musician who generally seeks to expand his already wide-ranging horizons.


My role is always changing. And, I think it always will. Sometimes I am a band leader (like with BASSWORKS), sometimes I am a hired session player (like with Gagarin Project), sometimes I am a partner (like with OUT OF PHASE), and sometimes I begin in one of these roles and it shifts into another.  





A Bit About…


6 years ago the first swallows brought newborn notes, phrases,  visions.

Synthesising with each other in elegant dance they generated “modulatu vitae”.


The first sketch of “One Day Again” had not only different title back than, but also structure, genre, scenic message. An amazingly beautiful and never less thorny overpass connects the beginning and today. A Trip!


6 years of hard work from morning to nightfall – searching, shaping, listening thousands of times had come to an end on this part of the way. The work is done and there is a new door to be open.


Take a tour onto Alex' world

Boun Voyge
by Oxana Sole